Weighing and Process Scale Validation

BLH, a division of Vishay Precision Group have introduced a no charge audit to establish confidence that the process weighing equipment in your facility is operating properly and within established tolerances. Any issues impacting reliable and accurate operation are identified and reported back to the customer, at NO CHARGE. Please note that this is not limited to existing BLH customers only. Any scale from any manufacturer used in production or inventory would be eligible, but excludes shipping and truck scales, or legal for trade scales, bench, floor or otherwise.

The audit will consist of a visual review of the equipment and its operation by a factory trained and authorized technician, and will included a written report on operational confidence.

BLH and Nobel systems provide many years, often decades of reliable service. Lacking a high service or maintenance profile, they tend not to rank high on upgrade and replacement lists so that by the time they can no longer be calibrated or reach the end of their service life, they are multiple generations behind current technologies. While migration paths exist for all legacy systems, an unscheduled shutdown is not the best time to be upgrading. This simple "check-up" can prevent costly downtime when potential weak links are identified and rectified.

Further to establishing confidence with the installed equipment, the audit also provides an opportunity to explore performance and reliability enhancements. For instance, new communication technologies are available which can connect legacy products to modern bus networks such as EtherNet I/P without having to replace your older but reliable Vishay instruments.

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