MTL Tofino Announcement

MTL Instruments and Byres Security Inc. are introducing the Tofino Starter Pack – a new targeted Tofino product package that enables customers to take control of their security requirements and assist them in building their future network security configurations.

The Tofino Starter Pack helps you quickly establish your first control network security zone and start protecting your plant. Easy to install, test, and activate, with no network disruptions, the Tofino Starter Pack is available at an entry level price. Set-up your first security zone with a solution that meets ANSI/ISA 99 standards and NERC CIP requirements, and expand zone by zone over time to develop a comprehensive industrial security solution.

The Tofino Starter Pack comprises of:

  • Tofino™ Security Appliance <more info>
  • Tofino™ Central Management Platform (limited to use with 3 Tofino Security Appliances in one facility) <more info>
  • Tofino™ Secure Asset Management Loadable Security Module <more info>
  • Tofino™ Firewall Loadable Security Module <more info>

Users of the Tofino Starter Pack are eligible for a full Tofino CMP upgrade at a discount and FRS Networking is available to guide them through installation and set-up.

FRS Instrumentation and Controls is pleased to be your MTL Instruments Group Authorized Representative in Ontario and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

FRS Controls is a MTL Instruments Process Control expert. MTL Instruments is a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds.

For more information, contact FRS Networking at: 905-945-1050.


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Tofino Network System by MTL and Byers Security